War Times

Living through the War must have been quite an experience. We are learning that the “ration books” were helpful but that everything was so scarce. The fact that people were afraid their quiet seaside area could be targeted.

There remains to this day a mound of stones on Killadoon/Devlin hill, spelling out the words ÉIRE (repainted by the local Rural Social Scheme annually). They stand out painted white against the dark green landscape as a reminder to all who travel by air or sea that you have reached God’s Pocket of Green and while we mumble and complain as is Irish nature, we don’t want to enter a war but welcome you if you’re willing to have a pint or dance a jig.

It was so interesting to find this Public Information Pamphlet on Civilian war Duties, issued by the Department of Defence. It gives you an idea of just what people were facing. To quote the booklet “We may be in a rather tight corner, but that’s nothing new to us. With God’s help and your courage, wisdom, resolution and energy we will pull the old land safely through these new dangers.”

Anyone think our presidental candidates of 2011 could do with a prep talk from the Department of Defence………

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  • Very interesting Mary. What would the presidental candidates know about the real world?

    By B. Woodward (05/10/2011)

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