A walk at Doughmakeon

Dooghmakeon Strand
Patricia Philbin
Dooghmakeon Strand
Patricia Philbin

Hello! I love Doughmakeon and wrote this prose after a visit.

In the fading light of afternoon,

I notice an outcropping of rocks at the far end of the strand.

Curious, I walk closer to have a look.

The vivid blue and green contrast with white quartz that zigzags like veins through the stone.

I gently move my hand over the surface.

There is an ancient past beneath my fingers.

Over the centuries, what parade of human life has passed over this shore?

Whose footprints have been traced upon the sand, forming a temporary legacy later erased by the endless waves?

The wind seems to carry thousands of nameless voices, speaking words of love and betrayal, laughter and sorrows, prayers and secrets.

Can anyone share more history about the beach and signs of a building that once stood there?

Thanks and my best,
Patricia Philbin

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  • Thank you Mary!

    By Patricia Philbin (15/08/2022)
  • Thank you Patricia, This is a really beautiful and moving prose. I am sure many more people will relate to your love of Dooughmakeon beach too. Keep up the writing! Mary ( Volunteer with LKHeritage)

    By Mary OMalley (15/08/2022)

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