Mayo Field Names Pilot Recording Project Workshop

Mayo County Council
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Field names Project 2022

Killeen Community Centre

Tuesday 18th October 2022, at 3 pm

Field names have been handed down through generations and are a valuable part of local heritage that describes the topography and settlement of local communities. This information is generally known only to the local people who live on and/or work the land. With less people working those fields on a regular basis and changes in land use and farming practices, this invaluable knowledge is being lost.

Mayo County Council Heritage Office, with support from the Heritage Council, is undertaking a pilot project to record Mayo field names with four Mayo communities.  This project aims to record information from the people who are guardians of this rich oral heritage and provide a valuable link to the physical and cultural history of these communities for generations to come.

The interest and enthusiasm of community groups and individual volunteers is essential for the success of this project. The knowledge of local place names gathered and recorded in Mayo is an important asset in both a local and wider heritage context.

A workshop will take place at Killeen Community Centre on Tuesday 18th October at 3 pm to train and advise volunteers on the methods and practicalities of the project. All are welcome. Refreshments will be served.



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  • Hi John thank you for the lovely comments. We would love to share any stories from your fathers memories. Doughmakeon is a very special place that produced some of the most amazingly talented people. We look forward to gathering more local field names from the community.

    By Mary OMalley (16/10/2022)
  • This project is a great idea! My father, Thomas C. O’Malley told tales of these fields to his children at an early age. The stories were a great inspiration to our imagination growing up in Chicago. Our children recorded the wisdom of their grandfather so that they could be remembered. I am happy to hear that the wisdom of my uncle, Austin V. O’Malley, is being documented as well. Wonderful !

    By John J. O'Malley (16/10/2022)

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