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Please let us know if you can add dates or names to any not known.

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  • Photo with the late and great Mick Gallagher and Ram is Hubert Kelly Brackloon Westport

    By Ciaran Staunton (22/07/2023)
  • Hi Joe
    Thanks for messaging. I know the O’Leary family and I have a contact for the son of your teacher Desmond O’Leary, who is happy to connect with you if you send me contact details in email If you wish to see Desmond’s brother Donald (who also taught in Dublin in ’70s) in Louisburgh entertaining the locals if you look under topics/videos-archives.

    By Mary OMalley (09/06/2022)
  • I had a national teacher in Dublin in the early 70s call Desmond O Leary (or O Laoire) from Louisburgh. Does anyone know him?

    By Joe Conway (09/06/2022)
  • The man on the right is my grandfather Thomas Gibbons who lived in Loughta, Louisburgh.

    He married Anne Hastings and their children were called Micheal, Martin, Owen, Bridget, Teresa, Margaret and Nora.

    Bridget (Bridie) married Eddie King, they had children, Mary, Micheal and Joe and lived in Drummin.

    Teresa (Tess) married Thomas Quigley from Ballymoe, Co.Galway, they had children Micheal, Eddie, Thomas, Patrick & Theresa, now in Manchester UK.

    Margaret married Thomas Casey & lived in Manchester with their children Michael & Bernedette.

    Nora marrried John Quigley from Ballymoe, brother of Thomas above, they lived in Royal Leamington Spa Warwickshire. My mother Nora gave birth to, John, Philomena (Julie), Mary, Janet, James, Stephen, Eileen, and Martin.

    This picture hangs in the lovely Joe McNamaras public house in Louisburgh, where a story or two is often told. Xx

    By Eileen Quigley (15/07/2017)
  • Edward, this picture is one of many grouped together under the name “More people of the past” as we do not know when or exactly where they were taken.

    Please let us know if you can add dates, places or names to any not known.


    By Editor (23/01/2017)
  • Is the picture of the thatched roof cottage from Louisburgh? Is so, where?

    Thank you.

    By Edward Patrick Odonnell (21/01/2017)
  • Back row L to R: Austin (Ned) O’Malley, (Furmoyle), Johnny Fergus (Cahir). 2nd Row: Martin Coughlan, Redmond? Lyons, (Main St), Seán T O’Malley, Cahir. Front Row: Redmond Lyons (Furmoyle), ——, Redmond Lyons Jr. (Furmoyle), ——.

    By M. O'Grady (10/05/2016)
  • I think this picture is of my uncle Myles Mitchell of Derreen.

    There is another picture of him with this calf on the 1950s page with my aunt Mary Ellen

    By Mary Watson (17/09/2014)
  • Thanks Hayley, if you have any more information and would like to share it then please do?

    By Editor (23/02/2014)
  • I believe these are my great grandparents!!

    By Hayley Coombes (Scanlon) (20/02/2014)
  • I find it amazing that I immediately recognised this as the house that I bought back in 1986 – and that was just from the thumbnail photo on a previous page. How the contours of a landscape burn themselves into memory without our even being aware of it. It was the shoulder of land and the ghostly outline of Clare Island in the background that drew my eye. We added a porch around 1995, more or less where the group in the photo is standing, and have since built a big ‘extension’ to the south gable in which Neil and I live. But I love the Old House (as we refer to it) – there is a wonderful atmosphere of peace in it that all our family and other visitors relish. We have had visits from various descendants of the MacNamara family over the years which we always enjoy.

    By Geraldine Mitchell (05/04/2013)
  • Thanks for the information Carmel, do you have any idea when and where the photograph was taken?

    As for a copy, I am afraid we do not have the original photograph but only a scanned copy which is what you see on the website.

    If you wish to take a copy from the website then first click on the picture to bring up the original size photogragh. Then “right click and save picture as” and you will have exactly the same picture as we hold.

    Hope this helps and thanks for sharing the information. This website benefits greatly from the contributions of it users.

    By Editor (03/02/2013)
  • The above photo is of the Burke (De Burca) family. Fr. Walker Burke, John Burke (right), John Snr. (middle), Nora, Annie and Mary. Is it possible to get a copy of the photo as John is my late father?

    By Carmel Naughton (01/02/2013)
  • The old lady is Honor McHale McNamara, my great grandmother. The lady on the right is Ann McNamara my grand aunt, her daughter.

    By Mary Lyons McGrath (05/06/2012)
  • I have failed completely to trace the identity of the people in this picture. The ‘anchors’ — the small stones holding the thatch — indicate that the house was in the locality. The practice of using ‘anchors’ was not very widespread.

    By Pádraig O Máille (09/05/2012)
  • Thanks for your comments Pádraig, did you see our page on “thatched houses and customs”….everything you need to know about roofing the house? You can view it here 

    By Editor (09/05/2012)
  • Nice to see a picture of an old-fashioned hay rake.

    By Padraig Ó Máille (09/05/2012)
  • Could we get a possible date for it? It seems to me to belong to a time ages ago when boys wore the equivalent of dresses: I seem to remember hearing this mode of dress on a boy as ‘cóitín cabhlach’?

    By Pádraig Ó Máille (09/05/2012)
  • This picture was taken at the MacNamara home in Devlin North — present owners Geraldine Mitchell and Niall. Date: probably late 1920s or very early 1930s. The man in the cap is, I think, Austie Mac; the man in the hat his brother John(?) with his family. If I am right so far, the woman with the fur collar is his wife, my late Aunt, Bessie Burke-MacNamara. The babies are their children, and the old woman (?) must be a granny.

    By Pádraig Ó Máille (09/05/2012)
  • Basil Morahan(2nd on the left), Seamus O’Toole(holding hat)

    By John Dyar (20/11/2011)

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