Keeping Irish Music Alive in Killgeever Parish

Jillian O’Malley playing on flute the “Moving Cloud”.

Feile Chois Cuain have been promoting and encouraging the Traditional Airs and Ballads in the Louisburgh area since 1995. It offers the youth of the area a chance to learn and grow in confidence in a caring way. Get togethers on a regular basis allow young and old to sing or play an instrument in a comfortable setting with shyness slowly drifting away as more experienced musicians gently nudge the player to join in. Before you know it you have many talented musicians not only keen to learn and play or sing but they have the confidence and pride to partipicate in competitions all around the country. If that wasn’t enough, many of them have gone on to win those competitions.

Padraig MacNamara, Chairman, Killeen Community Council, Jillian O’Malley, Michael O’Grady, Chairman, Feile Chois Cuain

In October 2011, Feile Chois Cuain joined with Killeen Community Council in a celebration of music in the Ocean Lodge Hotel Killadoon. On the night a special presentation was made to Jillian O’Malley, Cross, Killadoon in regconition of her achievements at Fleadh Cheoil nahEireann in Cavan. A beautiful commissioned piece of art was presented, made by local crafstman Jack Dolan, Curradavitt. In the piece Jack had incorporated a bar of music from “The Moving Cloud”, a tune made famous by Matt Molloy of the Chieftans, which Jillian herself plays very well on the flute.

Every May Bank Holiday the town of Louisburgh comes alive with music, song and dance. This is due to the huge effort of all the people involved with Feile Chois Cuain. Over the years it has become a very popular festival and has also helped boost the local economy.

We look forward to more traditional celebrations and if you would like further information on some of the things mentioned, just click on any of the links below.

Jillian O’Malley with local woodturner Jack Dolan


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  • In my opinion, “Féile Chois Cuan” has been the most important and significant social development in Kilgeever Parish in the past twenty years. Year after year, the ‘féile’ has brough the very best talent in all areas of traditional music to Louisburgh. The contributer to the ‘féile’ and the crowds who come from all over to enjoy the music, make a major contribution to the parish economy. More importantly, they have, through the careful guidance of the organisers of ‘Féile’ put Louisburgh on the map of Irish traditional music. The national awards over the years to musicians old and young from the parish bear testimony to the creativity that has developed as a direct result of ‘Féile’. Long may it continue to flourish. And I hope that in future years we, the parishoners, will continue to show our appreciation to the organisers by being seen to support the concerts and sessions over the week end.

    By Pádraig Ó Máille (09/05/2012)
  • It was a pleasure to make this piece for such a talented musican. Jillian’s achievement shows what can result from hard work & commitment.

    By Jack Dolan (14/12/2011)

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