The O'Toole Family

My family, the O’Toole’s, were born in Accony/Roonah Point. We are in some way related to most of the names you will find around Louisburgh – Scott, O’Donnell, Prendergast, Lyons, Gibbons, Friel, O’Malley, etc…

John O’Toole (son of James O’Toole and Mary Moran) and his wife Sally Scott (daughter of James Scott and Catherine Prendergast) had at least twelve children, six of which sadly died as children. Their son’s John and James left Ireland for Chicago, while Maria (Owen O’Donnell), Patrick, Sarah (Edward Lyons) and Kate (Tommy Lannon Prendergast) stayed.

My grandfather John O’Toole Jr. came to Chicago in 1920 and married Margaret Joyce of Carramore, Louisburgh. They spent the remainder of their lives along with their children John, James, Alice and Sarah in the Irish enclave called “Canaryville” on the edge of the great Chicago Union Stock Yards, always longing for their homes by the sea.

John’s older brother James O’Toole became a Chicago Police Officer before and during the heyday of Chicago’s famous gangster crime bosses like Al Capone and Bugsy Moran. He and his wife Sarah had ten children.

O'Toole Home in Accony Roonah
John O'Toole of Accony and Chicago
James O'Toole of Accony and Chicago
James and Sarah McDarby O'Toole wed in Chicago
Maria O'Toole O'Donnell and children
Maria O'Toole (Owen) O'Donnell and children
Joyce sisters of Carramore
Anne Scott with her mother Ann Prendergast Scott and her mother Mary Lannon Prendergast
Back Row L to R: Fr Tom Scott, Richie Prendergast, "Old Father" James Prendergast, Patrick Prendergast, "Young Father" James Prendergast. FRONT ROW L to R: Pat Scott (Shraugh), Fr John Sweeney (Raheens), Geoffrey Myles Gibbons, James Patrick Prendergast (Chicago), John Joe Prendergast
Bridget Scott Joyce of Accony and Leenane
Geoffrey Prendergast 1928
James Gibbons
Unknown brother of James J Lyons of Accony and Illinois
James J Lyons of Accony and Illinois
Joe Lyons husband of Mae Scott
Children of Patrick Joyce (Carramore) and Anne Scott (Accony) in Chicago
Mae Scott Lyons and Annie
Patrick and Maria McDonnell Lyons of Accony
Patrick Joyce of Carramore, Louisburgh born in Mounterowen West, Leenane, Galway
John O'Donnell son of Maria O'Toole O'Donnell
Kate O'Donnell daughter of Maria O'Toole O'Donnell
Mary O'Donnell (daughter of Maria O'Toole O'Donnell) and husband Redmond Gibbons (Cloonlara)
Redmond Gibbons of Cloonlara
Sarah O'Donnell (daughter of Maria O'Toole O'Donnell) and husband Mike Crowley
Patrick Scott "PS" Joyce of Carramore, Louisburgh and Dublin

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  • Hi. I am trying to piece together my wife’s O’Toole tree into this. I visited Roonagh Point last week and saw the family home about 5 house up from the point on the north side. Two buildings abandoned with a warning about Japanese Knotweed. I did a land registry search and see that the land is owned by Tommy Scott who may work at the point.

    My father in law is Terry O’Toole born 1941, son of Austin Toole B.1901. His parents were Austin Toole b. 1857 and Mary Grady 1860. I have them on the 1901 and 1911 census with 8 kids and Austin’s brother Peter Toole b.1866. I have Austin snr as the son of Richard Toole and Catherine Fadden Cannon but that may be guesswork.

    Can anyone with local knowledge tell me where they fit in to the Toole clan? Terry is quite frail now but we hope to fly over for a weekend quite soon. He remembers going to the house in his childhood.

    By Stephen Hunt (19/08/2023)
  • I am thrilled to have found this page! A relative of mine, Bridget Davitt, born 1859, married Timothy O’Toole born 1865 in Innusturk. Her younger brother Austin was my great-great-grandfather. My great-grandfather was John, who emigrated to the US in the late 1920s or early 1030s and passed away in 1973. Margaret Davitt, Austin’s daughter, is said to have been the last to live on their farm in Kilgeever, which was purchased in 1993 by a Mr Patrick Lyons (also a relative). If you have any information at all I would love to connect with any relatives who might be willing.

    By Erin Davitt (30/05/2023)
  • I am married to O’Toole from Connemara. My brother’s wife is also an O’Toole from County Mayo. I am doing the O’Toole ancestry and found her ancestry to be from Louisburgh. Which led me to connect her to Peter O’Toole the actor through Patrick O’Toole (deceased in Louisburgh, Co Mayo ca 1750). I am still trying to connect this family to my inlaws in Connemara.

    I need to find Patrick O’Toole (deceased in Louisburgh, Co Mayo ca 1750) parents etc
    I need to find Matthew O’Toole (father of Coleman O’Toole – born 1851 – , married to Kathleen Curran)

    Happy to connect with anyone that wants to check out my ancestry findings! I am based in Ireland!

    By Brian Caffin-O'Toole (11/01/2023)
  • Hello, 

    Would anyone be able to assist me on researching my family on my Fathers side; My paternal Grandfather (Michael Toole b.circa 1900?) grew up in Louisburgh and his family home was close to the Morrison’s Hotel? I understand he was one of twelve? We have returned and never been able to find the house? We have been told it was bought/used by a BBC wildlife photographer? Any info would be appreciated so much. Thank you, Kate. 

    By Kate Henson nee Toole (07/11/2019)
  • To Mary Kathleen….Yes. The farm in Ireland is still a working sheep farm. Still in the Lyons name. The farm and it’s owners are wonderful. If you go to site that says Accony school reunion, you will see a picture of Lyons twins walking with a pale of water up the road to a school house. Lyons farm is to their left. School house can be seen from the farm. You probably know this…but our great-grandfather bought a farm on the fox river that is now known as Lyons Prairie and Marsh. Also, My source shows that Mary Ellen’s grandfather was right. Great-great grandmother’s name was Mariah.

    Celeste A Miller 

    By Celeste Ann Miller (15/07/2019)
  • To Mary Kathleen, we share the same great-grandparents. Your Grandpa was my great uncle Joe. I remember him and Aunt Irene well. Yes, the Lyons farm is still a working sheep farm. The Lyons family are wonderful people. It is a beautiful place on the ocean. See Accony School reunion site. A picture of Lyons twin girls walking with a pale of water towards school house (now a historical site). Lyons farm is to their left. You can see the school from the farm. Also, gg grandmothers name according to my paperwork is Mariah. 

    Celeste Harkins Miller July 15 2019

    By Celeste Miller (15/07/2019)
  • I was looking to find some information about my great grandfather Redmond Lyons. I read your post and to my surprise, discovered a picture of my great-great grandparents, Patrick and Maria.

    Their names are Patrick and Maria McDonnell Lyons. I had already found out my great grandfather, Redmond Lyons was from Accony. Redmond came to Chicago and married Margaret Kearney. My grandfather, Patrick Joseph Lyons grew up Chicago, but ultimately lived in Crystal Lake, Ill. My grandfather had five siblings.

    At some point in the past, I have seen an old picture of the Lyons farm. I am curious as to whether or not there is still a working Lyons farm in Accony.

    By Mary Houlihan (15/01/2019)
  • Dear Mary Ellen Ryan, I may have some information about Maria or Mariah Lyons. Thank you Celeste Ann Miller

    By Celeste A Miller (31/03/2018)
  • Thanks for posting this! It’s nice to finally see a picture of my Great-Great-Grandparents, Patrick Lyons & Maria McDonnell. My grandfather had told me her name was Mariah, but I haven’t found any proof of that bit of information.

    By Mary Ellen Ryan (Chicago, IL) (18/03/2014)
  • Thanks Nancy for sharing these photographs and information. The photographs are in great condition despite the dates shown for when actually taken. I love looking at old photographs and these are amazing, the clothes, hair styles and even family features, some probably still identifiable in generations today.Thanks so much for sharing and in doing so you have recorded some history that would otherwise be forgotten.

    By Mary O'Malley (12/06/2012)

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