Peter Hallinan & Nancy Kerrigan

Peter and Nancy (nee Kerrigan) – Married February 7, 1864

My great grandparents, Peter Hallinan and Nancy Kerrigan, were married at the Roman Catholic Chapel of Cuslough in the District of Louisburgh. They had eight children and lived in Kilgeever their married life. Their daughter Ann, my grandmother, emigrated to Clinton Massachusetts in the 1880’s as a teenager then soon moved to Manchester, New Hampshire, but that’s another story.

We heard that Peter Hallinan was a tailor, but that was never substantiated. Then, about fifteen years ago I got a copy of their marriage certificate and was surprised to learn that tailor was listed as his position.

The residence listed at time of marriage for Peter was Kilgeever and for Nancy it was Glenanean, which I can’t seem to locate. If anyone can shed some light on this location (Glenanean) as well as Cuslough for the Louisburgh Chapel it would be greatly appreciated? 

In 1997 when visiting Louisburgh with my mother and three sisters I tried to find the thatched cottage where they once lived (see Edward Hallinan cottage) only to find out it had fallen into ruin and subsequently razed.

While searching, I met Tony Maxwell the current owner and the son of Willie and Julia Maxwell whom I had stayed with so long ago. We were soon joined by a neighbour, Mary Moran. Mary asked who I was looking for. I told her of my stay with Willie and Julia in the mid seventies. She said that Julia was her relative and told me Nancy Kerrigan, my great grandmother, was also her grandmother and she had a funny story to share.

Marriage Register

I assume this must have occurred sometime near the end of the 1800’s and cement was not commonly used on the farm. The men were pouring cement for the pig pen. Nancy came out to inspect their work and proceeded to walk on the floor. Because it was still fresh she sunk in and let them know that “this would never do for pigs”.

I had not planned on going to Louisburgh as our time in Ireland was short. Having had the opportunity to meet with both Tony, his wife Tess and Mary just made our day. How lucky I was to have had this experience.

Distant relatives: Jim Grady, Mary Moran (nee Hallinan), Tony Maxwell


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  • Hi John,

    In the 1901 census Peter is listed as 63 so my guess would be that Peter and John were brothers. Their farms were identified as 5 and 6 in Kilgeever. On the marriage certificate it listed John as Peter’s father and I would guess he was your John’s Father as well.


    By Jim Grady (29/03/2019)
  • Greetings all from Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA.

    My name is John Edward Hallinan, my father is Joseph Francis Hallinan, and his father (my grandfather) Edward Hallinan from Kilgeever, Louisburgh, Co Mayo, Ireland.

    I am looking at a photo of CENSUS OF IRELAND, 1901 FORM A which lists my grandfather’s family members and their age;

    John Hallinan – head of family – 52

    Maggie Hallinan – wife – 42

    Delia Hallinan – daughter – 16

    Austin Hallinan – son – 12

    Edward Hallinan – son – 10

    Julia Hallinan – daughter – 8

    Sebina Hallinan – daughter – 6

    Anne Hallinan – daughter – 4

    Ellen Hallinan – daughter

    My guess is that this is the same family that others commented on. 

    From what I know, my grandfather, Edward Hallinan, left Ireland and went to England to make money to buy a ticket to emigrate to America  He travelled in steerage as did many poor emigrants and arrived in Ellis Island in his late teens/early twenties.

    He made his way to Altoona, PA to work of all places, on the railroad. He walked to work, never drove, and was asked to retire as he was getting “up there in years”, to which he then got another manual labour job working for the city in his late sixties/seventies. 

    Many a funny tale has been told of his exploits over the years (singing, drinking, dancing, fighting). Edward married Genevieve Conrad and they had several children John, Patrick, Austin, Margaret, Janie, Timothy and my father Joseph (who had 13 children, I’m number 12 out of 13). 

    I am wondering if Peter Hallinan is the grandfather of Edward Hallinan, as the father of Edward Hallinan appears to be John Hallinan per above?

    By John Hallinan (22/03/2019)
  • Hello Jim, There is a feature that allows you to search by name and place. In using the ‘place’ search feature, several Kilgeever families popped-up. Also, many DNA hits appeared for Clinton, Mass. I hope this helps, Chuck 

    By Chuck (12/04/2016)
  • Hello Chuck,

    Sorry I can’t add anything regarding the Kerrigans as I don’t have any info before James Kerrigan. I recently received “Ancesty” DNA test results myself and am curious how you made the Kilgeever connection? Thanks in advance.

    By Jim Grady (19/03/2016)
  • Hello, Do you know of any relationship between Ann Kerrigan Hallinan and the Carolans from Kilmeena Parish?

    Bridget Kerrigan married Hugh Carolan about 1863, and her father was James. Through DNA, we are linked to many families from Kilgeever.

    Thanks for any information, Chuck 

    By Chuck (28/02/2016)
  • Glenanean is a place name in the townland of Srahatloe in the parish of Aughagower in the District Electoral Division (DED) of Erriff. Cushlough is the church that serves that part of the parish of Aughagower. Srahatloe was part of Captain Houston’s farm. Another family of Kerrigans herded for Houston in Tawneycrower and they are probably related

    By Sean Cadden (11/04/2014)
  • Thank you Nancy for the information. Glenummera certainly makes sense and I was pleased to have the information on Cushlough as the writing on the marriage certificate was fairly clear.

    By Jim Grady (15/09/2013)
  • I think it may be Glenummera (Kilgeever), part of the estate of Capt. William Houston who also had lands at Glenkeen (Kilgeever). They were probably herds for on this long lost estate.

    Also Cushlough Parish is in the Westport Deanery now called Aughagower – Cushlough with St. Patrick’s Church, Aughagower and Church of the Sacred Heart, Cushlough. 

    By Nancy Bond (06/09/2013)
  • Thanks for the name correction Chris. I had met an Ann Hughes earlier and she told me about Sonny O’Grady, in a nursing home at the time, and a neighbor of Willie and Julia Maxwell. Additional Edward, my great uncle, was a bachelor so Austin makes sense.

    By Jim Grady (11/04/2013)
  • Now I must correct myself! Mary Moran RIP, is daughter of Austin Hallinan! I shouldn’t have made that mistake. Mea culpa!

    By Chris O Grady (08/04/2013)
  • Hi Jim, If I’m not greatly mistaken, the lady in the photo is Mary Moran (maiden name Hallinan), daughter of Edward Hallinan.

    By Chris O Grady (05/04/2013)
  • Thank you for sharing this story. The photograph is wonderful and in great condition.

    I wonder if the “Glenanean” you mention may have been spelt “Gleancaoin” or “Glenkeen”? If you search under this spelling you may find a townland by that name just outside Cregganbawn enroute to Delphi valley.

    There is no Cuslough Church within Louisburgh parish as far as I know, but it may have been Gowlan Church which was the Roman Catholic church for the half parish of Killeen until a church was built at Killeen (present day) in 1896/97. The Ruins of Gowlan church are very beautiful and still intact and you can read about Gowlan on this site.

    For more information try or email our parish priest Fr. Mattie Long as he may have some parish records with more eligible details on them.

    Really love the story of the Pig-shed, like many a story from round here……

    By Mary O'Malley (03/04/2013)

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