Duggan Family, Cahir, Louisburgh

Bridget McEvilly from Roonagh who married Thomas Duggan

My mum Nora Duggan, still hail and hearty at 97 years was one of 8 children born to Martin Duggan and Molly Burns (Lecanvey). The grandparents were Thomas Duggan and Bridget McEvilly from Roonagh.

It was said of Bridget McEvilly, she could keep a house on top of the Reek, so self sufficient and thrifty was she. They made their own butter, carded the wool, made blankets, knotted socks, made willow baskets for going to the bog. She was great for all the old cures.

Her family came from Roonagh where they had a seaweed  ‘factory’ to produce iodine.

My mum Nora, had seven siblings. Tommy (who set up the Clew Bay Hotel in Louisburgh and married Evelyn McDermot of McDermots hotel), John, Anne, Breege, Mary, Kay and Martin. Nora is the only surviving member in Ireland but has 4 siblings in England, all in good health.

More photos to follow when I have good internet!

Nora, Martin and Anne Duggan, Caher, Louisburgh

Louisburgh school group with Mary Duggan in the middle

The Duggan Clan, Louisburgh, Co Mayo

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  • Hi again,

    We’re back in Louisburgh again this weekend celebrating my mum Nora Hawkes (nee Duggan’s) 99th birthday! She’s still hail and hearty thank God and drives herself to daily mass. Any memories/photos you have of the family, please share?

    By Anita Hawkes (15/06/2019)
  • Hi again, I’m back gathering information for my Mum’s biography and the story of the Duggan clan of Cahir, Louisburgh in general. If anybody has any photo’s or links I’d really appreciate them.

    By Anita Hawkes (10/02/2019)
  • Joe,

    We would love to see the photograph.

    You can either email it to us at lkheritage@gmail.com or simply submit it to the website yourself following the instructions on the page entitled “Add Your Own Story” which can be found on the left hand side of the website.

    Thanks, Editor

    By Editor (25/07/2018)
  • My Mother, the late Sarah Trodden nee McGreal is from Cahir, Louisburgh. She had a picture in her photo album, which I believe was taken at Carramore beach at a family get together during the summer holidays. 

    We think it features the 2 families and it must be early 1960’s. I can email the picture too you if you mail me at  joe.trodden@hotmail.co.uk

    By Joe Trodden (23/07/2018)
  • I found the obituary of Walter McEvilly.  Do you have this?  

    By Bill Garrity (03/11/2017)
  • I loved reading this and seeing these pictures.

    Mary Ann Burns Duggan is my first cousin, three times “removed”. I had only three children listed in my family tree, the children of Martin and Mary (Katie, Martin and Thomas) and didn’t know anything more, so thank you.

    Mary’s father was John Burns and his  sister was Mary Burns Geraty, my 2nd great grandmother.

    Tina DeFinis

    By Tina DeFinis (31/10/2017)

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