Mamó sa Chistin

Recipes and Memories of Traditional Food

In this section we would like record old recipes that have been handed down through the generations.

"Mamó sa chistin" or "Granny's in the kitchen", is remembering the delightful meals that our Grandmothers and Mothers prepared for us, with so few ingredients and such simple equipment. Firstly, having to bring in water from the well, then cooking on the open fire with the big black pots hanging over.

It's not that long ago, but we have modernised so much, even in the last ten years, everything now is by the touch of a button. Many of us are trying to start to grow our own vegetables again and cook our own food, at home, in our modern kitchens. Nothing beats fast food like going out the door and picking it yourself!

If there is a favourite food or drink from your childhood please get in touch and tell us about it. Or if you have a recipe that is in your family for a while we would love to share it. It can be anything from "Bacon & Cabbage" to "Boxtah".