A Song For Emigrants of Louisburgh Everywhere, "Gathering 2013" can happen anywhere....

Taken from An Coinneal 1963

Song of a Louisburgh Emigrant

The following verses which have been sent for publication appear to have been written in Louisburgh sometime in the nineteenth century. We shall be grateful for any information regarding their origin and shall be glad to acknowledge it -- Editor

Photo:Fairy Dwellings of Ocean

Fairy Dwellings of Ocean

Mary O'Malley

Ye dark rolling billows-- ye cloud- kissing mountains,

Ye brown healthy moorlands-- ye crags wild and hoar,

Ye red-tumbling torrents-- ye silvery fountains,

Farewell ye dear scenes, I behold ye no more.

No, never again in that land of my childhood

With fond raptured eye from Croagh Patrick sublime

Shall I gaze on cragg, tower, lake, river, wildwood,

Or aught that belongs to that romantic clime.

Photo:Natures Embellishments

Natures Embellishments

Mary O'Malley

Ye isles of Clewbay, fairy dwellings of ocean--

Adorned with Nature’s embellishments fine,

Ye waked in my bosom a swelling emotion

That thrilled every cord in this fond heart of mine

As grey-eyed Aurora the east was unfolding,

Or Phoebus outshedding his sweet parting beams,

And I saw your grand, exquisite features beholding,

To me thus ye seemed a fair Eden of dreams.

Photo:The Green-rising Mound

The Green-rising Mound

Mary O'Malley

For aye thou mine own beloved birthplace---- Kilgeever,

My memory fondly around thee shall cling:

In fancy I’ll stray by the lone winding river

Where first on whose banks the Muse taught me to sing,

Thou, land, where the bold eagle, heavenward soaring,

Escapes from mans view in its proud, daring flight.

And wild breakers roll on the beach loudly roaring,

Arise in thy grandeur of glory and might!

Photo:Ye Brown Healthy Moorlands

Ye Brown Healthy Moorlands

Mary O'Malley

There once as my garland of song I was wreathing

The “Phantom of Pleasure” uprose in my way,

The spirit of joy o’er me wildly was breathing

And hope shone before me with exquisite ray.

But now, welladay! the enchantment is over:

The vision of life’s early morning has flown;

And sorrow on black waving pinion does hover

Around me today on the bleak earth alone.

Farewell to thee, land of the grey, feudal tower,

The steep promontory and yawning abyss--

The green-rising mound and the heath-woven bower

Where light fairies revel and young lovers kiss;

Farewell! And as long as thy mountains ascending

Shall cleave the dark clouds rolling densely along,

So long shall thy name with the picturesque blending

Triumphantly flourish in legend and song.

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