Louisburgh Cemeteries Development Action Plan

Public Consultation Information

By Mary O'Malley

Louisburgh Cemeteries are unique and very special places where our loved ones are laid to rest. The enhancement, preservation, maintenance and sustainability of our Cemeteries to the highest quality of spiritual, cultural & traditional standards, are the core values of the Louisburgh Cemeteries Steering Committee. 

Our vision as a voluntary steering committee in achieving the core values is to be inclusive of all concerns and ideas from Louisburgh Community members, including those connected to the area, both at home and overseas, using best practice guidelines for Louisburgh Cemeteries. 

The Steering Committee members are: 

1. Tommy Bennett - Chairperson - Undertaker & Caretaker of St Catherine's Cemetery

2. Mary O'Malley - Secretary - Louisburgh & Killeen Heritage Committee

3. Joe Fergus  - Treasurer - Old Cemetery Committee & LAMS representative

4. Frank Burke - Old Cemetery Committee & LAMS representative

5. Gerry Nicholson -  Old Cemetery Committee & LAMS representative

6. Jimmy Scott -  Old Cemetery Committee & LAMS representative

7. Pat Joyce - Graver Digger representative & LAMS representative

8. Peter Sweeney - Undertaker & Caretaker of Kilgeever Cemeteries

9. Rosarie Tiernan - Louisburgh Community Futures

10. Fr. Mattie Long - Louisburgh Parish Priest

A consultation process will take place from January-April 2020

The Ask: Everyone is asked for their ideas/opinions during this time for input into the Development Action Plan for Louisburgh Cemeteries.

Who is in Scope? Everyone connected to both Old and New Kilgeever Graveyards and St. Catherine's Graveyard are humbly invited to make a submission and make a difference.

Louisburgh Cemeteries Steering Committee will be working in collaboration with the Local Authority, Other Agencies and County Councillors throughout the entire process. 

If you would like to have your "say" please click on the Submit Form link here


Here is the Facebook page link: https://www.facebook.com/louisburgh.cemeteries.5 Also here is the Twitter account :@LCemeteries Here is the Instagram account: https://instagram.com/louisburghcemeteries?igshid=48q7ned0aekp

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