Card Games and Past Times

Part of Heritage Week in Louisburgh

Mary O'Malley

On Tuesday 20th August, as part of National Heritage Week, a lovely evening was spent remembering some card games and other past times played in the local area. 

We were delighted and mesmerized by some of the ladies who could move their hands so fast to showcase how the game of "Jack Stones" was played. It required a bit of skill but probably more practice was needed. It involved having five small round stones or shells lay on the ground, then using one hand and reciting a special poem, you would try to pick up one stone at a time from the ground, without dropping the ones you had picked. 

We listened while they remembered many evenings walking home from school happily spent playing the game, with friendly competitions against each other trying to out wit the opponent.

We were then taught how to play a very popular card game called "Sevens". After the second game when a "Kitty" was introduced (consisting of biscuits!) we soon learnt the rules and so began a rapid yet enjoyable game. A game of wits and poker faced slyness.....but really an easy card game to learn which will be revived in many houses over the winter. 

If anyone has any memories about Jack Stones or card games played (not that long ago) we would love to hear about them. Email us here at




Photo:Unique rhyme to recite while playing Jack Stones in Louisburgh-Killeen

Unique rhyme to recite while playing Jack Stones in Louisburgh-Killeen

Chloe O'Malley

Photo:Learning to play SEVENS card game

Learning to play SEVENS card game

Chloe O'Malley

Photo:Not a bad hand of cards!

Not a bad hand of cards!

Chloe O'Malley

Photo:Some one is holding out...

Some one is holding out...

Chloe O'Malley

Photo:Card Game Selfie

Card Game Selfie

Chloe O'Malley

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