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Page link: Brutal Massacre by the Police
Brutal Massacre by the Police
Articles taken from the "Freeman's Journal" 1833 and 1843
Page link: Retirement Presentation
Retirement Presentation
Holy Family National School, Killeen
Page link: Photos from Ballyhip
Photos from Ballyhip
Some nice old photos from Ballyhip.
Page link: Harneys Garage, Louisburgh
Harneys Garage, Louisburgh
Who remembers this?
Page link:
"Hi lads! The mackerel is in"
By Fr. Padraig O' Máille
Page link: A Memory
A Memory
A poem by local man Austin V. O'Malley
Page link: Doughmakeon
A language of its own?
Page link: Michael Patrick O'Malley
Michael Patrick O'Malley
The Greenland of Ireland