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Page link: National Heritage Week 2020
National Heritage Week 2020
Louisburgh Foroige Leading By Example
Page link: O'Malley Dan Family
O'Malley Dan Family
Cross, Killadoon, Co. Mayo
Page link: St. Patrick's Day Parade
St. Patrick's Day Parade
Parades of the Past
Page link: Louisburgh Drama Group
Louisburgh Drama Group
Can you identify the year, the play and the actors?
Page link: The Lost Valley
The Lost Valley
A Journey Back Through Time
Page link: Louisburgh Soldier Remembered 95 Years Later
Louisburgh Soldier Remembered 95 Years Later
On Saturday 18th February 2017 a very fitting tribute was paid to a young Louisburgh native, Staff Captain Thomas Prendergast, an almost forgotten soldier from Ireland's Civil War.
Page link: 1916 A Final Tribute
1916 A Final Tribute
Killeen NS Project
Page link: A Mellows Family Story
A Mellows Family Story
My 1916 Family
Page link: Celebrating Samhain - Hallowen
Celebrating Samhain - Hallowen
Taken from Dunleer Parish Community Magazine
Page link: O'Grady Family
O'Grady Family
Feenone / Curradavitt
Page link: Carramore Sisters
Carramore Sisters
Catherine, Anne, Agnes, Sarah & Margaret Joyce
Page link: Louisburgh Foroige
Louisburgh Foroige
Gathering Louisburgh Foroige History
Page link: New Schools - for Old!
New Schools - for Old!
Taken from An Coinneal 1975
Page link: Rusty's Story
Rusty's Story
Accony school reunion website
Page link: Nathan's Story
Nathan's Story
Local Happenings - Whale That Came Ashore
Page link: Marie's Story
Marie's Story
Page link: Emily's Story
Emily's Story
The Night the Bridge Went
Page link: Callum's Story
Callum's Story
Old Irish Past
Page link: Sarah's Story
Sarah's Story
My Grandmother's Fair Days
Page link: Ellen's Story
Ellen's Story
Special Days
Page link: Joseph's Story
Joseph's Story
The Land Lord
Page link: Ava-Lynn's Story
Ava-Lynn's Story
Claremorris 1973
Page link: Kara's Story
Kara's Story
Page link: Asiah's Story
Asiah's Story
Page link: Jim's Story
Jim's Story
Page link: Kiera's Story
Kiera's Story
An Introduction on Louisburgh
Page link: Holly's Story
Holly's Story
Mrs Hannon's Retirement
Page link: Damien's Story
Damien's Story
Hungry Acres
Page link: Sara's Story
Sara's Story
Maxwell's Leap
Page link: Tara's Story
Tara's Story
Weather Lore
Page link: Sinead's Story
Sinead's Story
Local Folklore
Page link: Shane's Story
Shane's Story
Dead Body
Page link: Sean's Story
Sean's Story
My Grandmas School Years
Page link: Rachel's Story
Rachel's Story
Old Stories
Page link: Patrick's Story
Patrick's Story
Old Funny Stories
Page link: Michaela's Story
Michaela's Story
Dad's Lucky Dog
Page link: Martin's Story
Martin's Story
Kilgeever Well
Page link: Leah's Story
Leah's Story
Carramore Flood
Page link: Jose's Story
Jose's Story
Page link: Jordan's Story
Jordan's Story
The Story of Bouris School
Page link: Luke's Story
Luke's Story
School in 1935
Page link: Jason's Story
Jason's Story
Old Sayings
Page link: Jack's Story
Jack's Story
Page link: Finnion's Story
Finnion's Story
Travelling Community
Page link: Eva's Story
Eva's Story
Ringing in the New Year in Murrisk
Page link: Enya's Story
Enya's Story
Page link: Declan's Story
Declan's Story
History in Louisburgh
Page link: Daniel's Story
Daniel's Story
My Granddad's Memories
Page link: Bronagh's Story
Bronagh's Story
Inis BÓ Finne
Page link: Aoife's Story
Aoife's Story
Fair Days
Page link: Anna's Story
Anna's Story
St Patricks Track
Page link: Amy's Story
Amy's Story
Questions for Amy's Report
Page link: Aisha's Story
Aisha's Story
History of Louisburgh Town Stories
Page link: Alfie's Story
Alfie's Story
Ted Johns Dance Hall
Page link: Aidan's Story
Aidan's Story
My Grandads Daily Life as a Kid
Page link: Aoife's Story
Aoife's Story
Buying and Selling
Page link: Chloe's Story
Chloe's Story
Proverbs and Old Sayings
Page link: Jake's Story
Jake's Story
The Post Office
Page link: Sean B's Story
Sean B's Story
Page link: Deirdre's Story
Deirdre's Story
Page link: Jack's Story
Jack's Story
The Local Forge
Page link: Padraic's Story
Padraic's Story
Old Crafts
Page link: Jason's Story
Jason's Story
Old Schools
Page link: Kathleen's Story
Kathleen's Story
Page link: Matthew's Story
Matthew's Story
Page link: Anna's Story
Anna's Story
Famine Times
Page link: Shauna's Story
Shauna's Story
Severe Weather
Page link: Cora's Story
Cora's Story
Local Cures
Page link: Luke's Story
Luke's Story
Buying and Selling
Page link: Sean's Story
Sean's Story
Old Schools
Page link: Mark's Story
Mark's Story
Funny Story
Page link: May Day Customs
May Day Customs
By Lorna Elms & Michael Gannon FIPF
Page link: Distress In The West
Distress In The West
Articles taken from the "Freeman's Journal" Tuesday, June 23rd, 1863
Page link: Louisburgh 1846
Louisburgh 1846
Articles taken from the "Freeman's Journal" Friday, July 17, 1846
Page link: Trace Your Family Tree
Trace Your Family Tree
Genealogy - the study of a family's lineage
Page link: Standing Stones
Standing Stones
Burials, borders, territories or treasure?